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University of Hyderabad sets new record in placements

Hyderabad: University of Hyderabad (UoH) has achieved a new record by achieving the highest domestic placement in terms of number of students and the salary package with Rs 22.8 lakh per annum in the last four months of placement season, which is still ongoing.

The highest domestic pay package was offered by M/s EA Sports, Rs 22.8 lakh per annum is the highest in domestic category in the history of the varsity. This time about 154 students are placed so far.
Where as for the year 2018-19, till December 2018, only 98 students as compared to 154 now, were placed. Overall, more than 340 students were placed at the University during 2018-19 in the pay package ranging from Rs 3.50 lakh to Rs 14.00 lakh per annum.

Some of the companies that have visited the University campus so far are: Teradata, One Convergence, TCS Digital, TCS  R&D, Deloitte, Acxiom, Zoom Tech, Aganita, Sprint Talent, Core Competence, Thin CI, HSBC, Synchrony, Onix Capital, Bridge i2i, Quadratix, Zen technology, Hashdin, Westagilez, Venper Academy, Seekers, Dr. Reddy’s, VKC, Next Education, Savya Robotic, Life Circle Health, Kims Hospital, Renovo Hospital, Aster Prime Hospital, Data Wise, Invesco, Vedanta, GE to name a few.

 Earlier Two MTech (Integrated Circuits Technology) students of UoH from Centre for Advanced Studies in Electronics Science and Technology (CASEST), School of Physics received International Placement offers from Silicon Austria Labs (SAL), Austria at a package of `45 lakh per annum.